Optic Scump Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Optic Scump is very popular “Call of Duty” game player and also YouTuber. His real name is Seth Abner and he has his own YouTube channel on which he posts a videos about playing games.

He is the only player of the “Call of Duty” game until nowdays who was the winner of two golden medals of the “Major League Gaming X Games” (MLG).

He is also the second best player in the world of this popular game.

In August 2017 Scump succeed to gain for the first time “Call od Duty World Championship”.

Scump got sponsorships of a few gaming companies specialized in hardware technologies such as “Scuf Gaming” and “Turtle Beach”. He is also sponsored by different companies like Red Bull which product are energy drinks.

He is dating with Kenz who is “Call of Duty” streamer and they have a lot in common  interests.

Early years

Scump was born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania in United States of America. His initial and full name is Seth Abner.

His father named Shawn Abner was a professional baseball player and his mother Kirsten was a housewife. She took care of Scump and his brother Jordan and she raised up both of them.

Unfortunately, Scump’s parents later got divorced but he claim that their separation didn’t have any negative and stressful influence on him.

Scump attended Midland Secondary School and he was a good pupil. He was listening teachers on the classes and he was quiet.

Scump’s father motivated him to be engaged into sports. The father’s effort paid off because Scump trained athletics and he was excellent in that.

Unfortunately, he sustained the injury when he was 14 years old so he decided to quit from sport for some time and soon after that he started to play a games in his free time.

He became addicted to video games during his high school education.

Scump’s parents always support him and they never criticized him because of constantly playing games although they were worried  that he could neglected his school education.

In 2013 Scump graduated at the “Cumberland Valley High School” in his birth place Mechanicsburg and he stated once that he was a clown in his class but not at bad way.

Scump didn’t enrolled any college yet because he decided to develop his career of gamer and YouTuber.

Career development

In the beginning Scump was playing a game named “HALO”  and for a short time he developed excellent gaming skills so he became the member of an amateur “Call of Duty” gaming team under name “Team Deathmatch”.

Since he was a great gamer on the position of Slayer in 2011 he was invited to join to the “Quantic Gaming” team and he accepted of course.

He participate along with his team on his first gaming tournament and he succeed to be a winner which is a great success especially he compete for the first time.

After this winning he became a part of  “OpTic” team in where he was playing “Call of Duty with Merk, Rambo and BigTymer who are great gamers.

After some complications because of the rules of tournaments the OpTic team replaced the Rambo with new player named Nadeshot.

Scump participated with OpTic team in Call of Duty: Ghosts season but when they took 9th place at the “MLG Fall Championship” and 13th at the “UMG Philadelphia” Scump decided to leave the “OpTic” team and he became a member of the “Team EnVyUs” or simple “Envy” where he was playing with Proofy, Merk and Goonjar.

He said that reason for that decision is the rivalry that existed between him and Nadeshot and that it was not good thing for the team but only few months later he came back again to OpTic.

Besides OpTic team he also was a member of “apeX eSports” and “Quantic LeveraGe” teams.

Scump was playing on the position of the slayer for a long time all until he replaced a former team-mate Nadeshot’s  position and became the captain of the “OpTic”. He is still the captain of the OpTic.

Scump has almost 2.5 million of subscribers on his own YouTube channel named simple “Scump” and he also has 2.1 million of followers on his Twitter account where he is very active.

Scump is sponsored by a video gaming companies that are based on the hardware technologies like “Scuf Gaming” and “Turtle Beach”. He also has a few sponsorships by different companies such as “GFuel “, “Loot Crate”, “Brisk Mate“, “Gymshark” and Red Bull which is producing energy drinks and also is partner of the OpTic team.

He also appeared in a few advertisements.

Scump is the only gamer of the “Call of Duty” who won two golden medals of the “Major League Gaming X Games” (MLG) which is professional organization based at online gaming.

Thanks to great results that he achieved at the tournaments and competitions by winning 21

championships Scump became the second best “Call of Duty” gamer in the world.

Scump’s biggest competition’s rival in playing “Call of Duty” games is Ache who beated him for three times.

In August 2017 Scump succeed to gain for the first time “Call of Duty World Championship”.

In December 2018 Scump’s net worth from winnings at the tournament  was estimated on more than $600 thousands. He is also earning lot of money through his YouTube channel.

His favorite “Call of Duty” game is “Modern Warfare 2”.

In “Call of Duty: Advance Warfare” season during 2014 and 2015 players ProoFy  and Clayster left the OpTic team which engaged new gamers under names FormaL and Crimsix. In 2015 at the Call of Duty World Championship the OpTic team that was the main favorite took seventh place which was a big disappointment for them. In “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” during 2015-2016 OpTic team succeed to qualify for the “Call of Duty World League NA” and they won the second place at the first competition of the season called “Totino’s invitational”.

Personal life

Scump is in relationship with Kenz who is also “Call of Duty” gamer and streamer”. Kenz is young and she has only 18 years. She got nickname Queen because of Scump’s nickname King and this indicates that they are couple.

Scump relocated to California because his girlfriend lives there and he wants to spend all his free time with her.

There were rumors in the public that they aren’t together anymore but no one of them didn’t confirm this information.  We can concluded that these are still just speculations.

He also often stays in Chicago because the OpTic team are playing games there.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated on about $800 thousands

Quick summary

Full name: Seth Abner

Nickname: Optic Scump, Sethy, Scumper Jumper, King

Date of birth: June 29th 1995

Age:  24

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Birthplace: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: YouTuber, Call of Duty game player, internet star

Net worth and salary: about $800 thousands

Height: 184 cm

Weight: Unknown

Marital status: not married

Children: no children

Love status: in a relationship with Kenz who is “Call of Duty” streamer

Residence: California

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: American

Origin: Unknown

Ethnicity: white

Social media accounts and web site:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Scumperjumper

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/opticscumpay/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpTicGamingScump/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/optic_scumper