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Mark Browe is a reality television star who is known for his show on DIY network show called the Barnwood Builders. Mark Browe is also the host of the famous reality show and he is also a coal miner.

Mark Browe studied and graduated from the famous Virginia University. Mark Browe has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Mark Browe has also completed his master’s degree in Safety Management.

Mark Browe is an American and has a net worth of about 1 million dollars. Mark Browe is of white ethnicity. Mark Browe completed his master’s degree WUV College. Mark Browe right now lives in Greenbrier Country. Mark Browe grew up in a place called Glasgow.

Mark Browe before joining the world of reality television has worked in various sectors like insurance, Human resource, and Safety.

Early Life

Mark Browe has always worked different jobs but he became really famous when he joined the world of reality television. Mark Browe loves to play basketball and always wanted to make a career from that. Mark Browe always wanted to start a company of his own and after he started his company Antique Cabins and Burns in the year of 1995.

The success he brought to his business was the reason he got a chance to be a part of reality television. The team of Mark Browe has all the artistic people who-who have recorded about 400 structures on pioneer-era.

Mark Browe is passionate about his work and he wants to give the old structure a new look. In the years the ancient structures have descended because of the climate and time. The main motto of Mark Browe is to salvage all the antique cabins and the barns before all its deformation.

The work is not at all easy and needs a lot of hard work to complete them. The show they are starting is running in its third season and from the show, it is understood that all the work they do that they have a huge knowledge of the type of wood. The favorite thing about the show is when Mark Browe and his team went to the barns and cabins in the Canyon of the very Ancient Southwest Colorado.


Right now Mark Browe is the main star of the famous reality television show called Barnwood Builders. Mark Browe has started working from a very early age and he has worked many jobs. Mark Browe has worked in the insurance sector in a company called Lewisburg. Mark is very well educated and from the very early stage, he was always into building his own company.

Soon he was able to start his own company and after he got successful for his work he became the main character of a famous reality television show. In his professional career, Mark Browe have till date restored more than 400 buildings and he really takes a lot of pride in his work because of his work quality.

Barnwood Builders the show Mark Browe is a part of started in the year of 2013. The show is about the six West Virginia craftsman who is on the way to restore cabins and barns. Mark Browe is the main character of the show and the other people in the team are Tim Rose, Johnny Jett, Graham Ferguson, Sherman Thomas and Sean McCourt. Right now the show is running in its third season and most probably the fourth season is going to come the next year.

Mark Browe is one of the well-loved characters of the show Barnwood Builders and he is known for his appreciated by all because of a well-maintained physic. Mark Browe wanted to make a career in basketball but he was unable to make it so he went for his next big dream of starting his own business which he became successful in. His success made him have part of the most famous reality television show.

Personal Life

Mark Browe is right now married to his wife whose name is Cindy Bowe. Mark Browe always thinks that his wife is his support system.

Mark Browe has always friends with his wife and after being friends Mark Browe started dating. Mark Browe has known his wife since his high school days and both the schools they attended were rivals of each other.

Right now Mark Browe is settled with his wife. Mark Browe and his wife are very much frustrated to buy the hate comments they get in real life and also in social media. He thinks other than the hate comments the reality show has not bought any kind of difference to his real life with his wife.

The son of Mark Browe and his wife Cindy Bowe is Atticus. Mark Browe wants his son to be very hard working and he also wants his son to make something of himself with his own willpower and hard work. Mark Browe thinks that boy scouts are a thing that will help to develop the character of a person and he wants his son to be a boy scout because he thinks that this is the best way to get a personality for any child.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Mark Browe

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birth Place: West Virginia, United States of America

Age: Unknown

Profession: Businessman, Reality

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: 1 million dollars