Malu Trevejo Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Mom, Wiki

Malu Trevejo is a known Cuban-American dancer, singer and a social media star who currently lives in Miami in Florida. Her career began in her early teenage years on Instagram where she has 7,3 millions of followers.

Early years

She was born as Maria Luisa Trevejo on October 15, 2002 in a town named Hawana, in Cuba in Central America.

Her mother was also born in Cuba but her father was from Spain. Her father and mother met on Cuba and got married there.

She was just a little child when her parents decided to move to Madrid in Spain which is her father’s birth country. This was very exciting for her because she loves to travel and meet new people.

Malu lived in Madrid for twelve years but later came to United States with her mum. The two of them settled in Miami in Florida. It was after her mother divorced her father.

She went to school just like other kids, but when her career started growing fast she started homeschooling and is still involved in it.

In 2015 she began getting thousands of followers on her social media accounts which eventually led her to her first singing debut in September 2017. It was when she released a single called “Luna Llena” that she became worldwide known YouTube success.

Career development

In 2017, when Malu was only 14 years old, she signed a record contract (alongside a management contract) with a record company called “Universal Music Latin Imprint In-Tu Linea”.

The CEO of the company is Jorge Pino who was very focused in getting Malu to sign her contract with his label. This was a pretty big event for her.

In 2018, Malu and her mother found lawyers and gathered up a legal team claiming that the label has denied many Malu’s rights with the contract.

She has filed a lawsuit trying to get her disaffirmance from the contract in order to choose another record label freely. It was a pretty tough time in her life.

Her legal team (from a known legal firm called The Hachar Law Firm) is trying to prove how Malu gained many personal and proffesional problems with her label after releasing her first single, which was a huge hit named “Luna Llena”.

The song went to high No.18 on Hot Latin Songs Chart which was a big success for a young girl. She couldn’t believe that she had made it.

Malu stated that she has tried to talk with people who work at the label (including the CEO Jorge) about her problems but the situation didn’t become any better. Her mother got concerned about her career and that her career is mishandled because she is a minor.

It seems that the label didn’t validate the agreement with Malu and refused to release her new song ( which was going to be named “Sueltate”). This caused Malu’s career to stay in place and it made Malu very angry at them. That is when Malu and her family decided to void this agreement they made with the label.

The label refused all allegations against them and filed a lawsuit against both Malu, her mother and their legal team. She was very concerned about herself and her mother during that time.

Her first videos, which she started posting around her 13th birthday, were videos of herself dancing. She especially likes belly dancing so a lot of her videos were about her dancing. Then she started lip-syncing and eventuall began working on her own music.

She regularly places it on her Youtube account. It was one of the best decisions she had made in her life.

In 2018, she has made a collaboration with HRVY on a single Hasta Luego. HRVY is an English singer and a TV host.

In 2017, she has released her second single “En Mi Mente”. It was a song very dear to her.

The same year, she sang with Reggaeton’s duo called Gente De Zona on a single “Nadie Camo Yo”. Gente De Zona became world known in 2014 for their collaboration with Enrique Iglesias on his hit single “Bailando”.

Her last single was released in November 2018. It was called “Swipe Dat” and it is her first single with all-English lyrics, and it was released via BMG.

Malu Trevejo also made a collab with Urban Decay Cosmetics and Joox Music which rewarded one of her fans with makeover and visit to one music festival.

Personal life

She was known for her friendship with Bhad Bhadie (real name Daniell Bregoli) which was broken over one guy: the rapper NBA Youngboy. These girls often encounter many issues and a lot of controversy, the media loves them.

The two of them are involved in a beef for a very long time now and often telling bad things about each other.

It seems that their feud began after Malu stole Bhadie her boyfriend while they were already friends.

When Malu speaks about her childhood she speaks about bullying she had to endure in school. She was considered too skinny and other children made fun of her because of her accent.

This bullying didn’t break her down but instead it motivated her to learn English and open a social media account to prove what she knows and that she is worthy.

Her videos that she released on became viral and she soon gained thousands of followers. Her single “Luna Llena” gained over 70 million views and came platinum on Latin charts.

The song also entered Top 20 Billboard Top Latin chart. It was a pretty big sucess.

Malu Trevejo loves tattoos and has a few of them. The latest was done in the summer 2018. It’s something that helps her express herself.

She asked her tattoo artist Chiong to make a surreal tattoo under her chest. It is a tattoo of her eyes, with a shell in a place where the nose should have been, with waves, birds and a moon surrounding tge tattoo.

She brought a lot of controversy because of her tattoos since she is still a minor, but she likes them very much and cannot be convinced not to do it. Her mother approves them so she sees no problem in it.

Her biggest tattoo was made at the beginning of 2018 and she livestreamed the act of tattooing.

She was then 15 years old (some claim it was against the law for her to get a tattoo under 16), and she tattooed seven lines of text on her left arm. The text is from an Erin Van Vuren poem and says: “I will not be any flower picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget.”

On her right wrist there is a treble clef black ink tattoo, on her left wrist she has placed a rose tatoo, and there are two really little paws near the same wrist.

She has a great relationship with her mother Denia and had tattooed it on her left shoulder. The tattoo artist made the letters seem more Arabic.

Malu said that she has had a few boyfriends but she likes to be private about it.

She was in a relationship with Kentrell DeJean Gaulden who is a popular rapper with a stage name NBA YoungBoy. NBA stands for Never Broke Again.

The pair started dating at the beginning of 2017 and Malu posted videos with him on her social media. They separated after a few months. She accused YoungBoy of cheating and stated that she forced her to become intimate with him.

Malu’s father appeared only once in her video. He was born in 1955 and is separated from her mother.

Malu’s mother appeared once in her video. She came to Miami with Malu because she had relatives there and was trying to start a new life in a new place.

She is dreaming about becoming an actress and wants to take acting lessons as soon as possible.

She is not naturally curly but likes her hair that way.

She can thank Danielle Bregoli for the rise of her career. She became her rival and the two of them started their feud online which brought attention to Malu, more than Daniele wanted.

She admires Jennifer Lopez because of her great career.

Quick summary

Full name: Maria Luisa Trevejo

Date of birth: October 15, 2002

Birthplace:  Havana, Cuba

Age: 17

Profession: singer, Youtube star, songwriter, dancer

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 45 kgs

Net Worth: $100,000