Kurt Hugo Schneider Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Kurt Hugo Schneider is a known American producer and a musician whose best creations came from making YouTube music videos posted for numerous famous artists such as Sam Tsui and Avicii.

Early years 

He was born as Kurt Hugo Schneider on September 7, 1988 in a town called Baltimore in Maryland, United States.

He has spent a happy childhood living in Blue Bell in Pennsylvania with his loving mother Laurie S. Auth who was a creative visual artist and his father Michael Schneider who was creative in another area: mathematics.

His father’s parents originated from Europe (German and Austria to be exact) and his father speaks fluent German but Kurt doesn’t speak German at all.

He is kind of sad about it because he knows that German is very hard to learn so he would have been better if he had learned it as a child.

He is Dutch and English from his mother’s side and also Welsh.

Since his both parents were very creative and had an artist line both he and his older sister were creative.

His sister is an excellent classical pianist and just as Kurt she went to musical school. The only difference is that she finished it so she has a formal education and Kurt left the piano school after four weeks and learned to play the piano himself.

His creativity went into a different direction. He was a student at Wissahickon High School and he graduated it with honors, as Valedictorian.

Career development

In 2009 he created his own production company called “Noodle House Studios”. After that he opened more producing companies due to a lot of work he done.

He was a very talented mathematician and has enrolled Yale University which he easily ended in 2010.

He gained himself a degree in his area of expertise: mathematics, which helped him to become a chess master.

During his time in Yale he was involved in chess competetions and due to his mathematic skills he was always amongst the best players.

His chess skills evolved in such a way that he can play chess blindfolded. He was considered as the most talented young chess player in the whole state.

But he was also involved in the work of their art and media center where he became interested in technical and computer producing.

His first video ever made was a commercial for Yale’s TV network called YTV. The commercial was put on YouTube.

In 2010 he produced and directed a short drama movie called “Nothing Left Unsaid”. The main song of the movie is “Don’t Want An Ending”.

In 2011 he moved to LA because he saw his oportunity there. Los Angeles is known for it’s many creative studios.

In 2014 he played in a chess tournament in Las Vegas, against one of his biggest rivals Magnus Carlsen.

Although he was great with numbers his creativity was growing through music too. He taught himself to play several instruments, percussion being one of them. He also plays the piano and the guitar and he is very good in both.

An interesting fact about Kurt and Sam Tsui is that they have known each other since they were kids, lived near each other and attended the same high school and university.

The period in high school was crucial for both Kurt and Sam because they started collaborating then. This continued through college to but Kurt finished it one year before Sam.

He worked with Tsui on his music videos which were mostly covers and medleys of songs of popular arists.

Their first more recognized work was a Michael Jackson medley which is still one of the most virwed videos on Kurt’s channel. His YouTube channel is simply named KurtHugoSchneider.

Why is this medley so special: Kurt made Tsui sounds like a choir, and Sam sings both lead and back vocals in the entire song.

The popularity of this single gained them appearances on a lot of TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey Show and other known TV series.

They started making other videos which finally led to the release of a movie named “College Musical: The Movie” in 2014 and Tsui’s first album called “Make it Up”.

Kurt collaborated with other artists such as Christina Grimmie, Husky, Tiffany Alvord and Matisse.

The No.1 viewed video is a duet made by Christina and Sam on a single called “Just A Dream”.

In 2013, he began his first collaboration with Coca-Cola Company making covers and music videos for their 2014 campaign “The Sounds of AHH”.

The company hired him to make covers of two popular songs: “Feel So Close” from Calvin Harris and “Little Talks” from Monsters and Men.

One of the biggest things he has done in music is the production of Aviciis hit song “Waiting for Love”.

He has over 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He receives extra income by promoting KIA Motors and he invests most of the money he gaines into producing videos.

Personal life

Some media writes that he is in a relationship with Patty Chewy but they never confirmed it.

Kurt is very close with his older sister Carson Rose who is a great classical pianist and has won awards for her work.

He is also in good terms with Bernard and Herbert Auth, his grandparents from the mother’s side. He visits them every time he gets a chance.

Quick summary

Full name: Kurt Hugo Schneider

Date of birth: September 7, 1988

Birthplace: Baltimore, United States

Age: 30

Profession: producer, singer, musician

Height: 168

Weight: 67 kgs

Net Worth: $ 2,5 million