Jerry Purpdrank Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Jerry Purpdrank is a famous American rapper, actor and one of the most popular Viner and Instagram influencer.

He is known for his Instagram posts which were mostly very controversial.

Purpdrank isn’t his real name but the nickname which he gained because of the fact that he often drank Purple Kool Aid as a kid.

Early years

It is very difficult to find information about his early age and he doesn’t like to speak about his childhood.

It is known that he was a part of his high school’s lacrosse team, which was kind of odd since he was an African-American. He was the only African-American in the team, but he didn’t mind it. He never thought of it as something bad.

Career Development

He became popular after he intrigued social media platforms with his interesting videos. People loved the videos because they were innovative and creative.

The critics of his videos were outstanding so he decided to start making vines.

In 2013 he uploaded his first video and after that his career was on the rise. He didn’t even know what is waiting for him.

His loop videos, various prank videos and other creations on the web brought him a celebrity status and garnering him thousands of dollars of income. And after all, this was not even a full time job so he had a lot of free time to make a lot of them. He didn’t consider it a job since it was fun for him to make those.

He started getting money from advertising and endorsements and he became fully aware of the power of the social media platforms.

In 2016 he became widely known for his new video “Through The Grape Vine”.

He released an album with seven singles under the same name. He loves music and loves production, but people also tend to think about him as a man who does stuff only for money, not because he loves them.

Unfortunately, Vine closed down as a social platform so he had to find an another way to interact with his fans. As most people did, he found another place where he could share his videos.

He turned his attention to YouTube and started making videos for this platform and uploaded them in a very frequent basis.

His most interesting videos are the ones in which he impersonates Lil Wayne and they are also viewed the most. People either love it or hate it.

After he became known he featured a lot of known celebs in his videos: Piques, King Bach and Alex James are just some of them. This is often with ex viners because they help each other out.

He received good critics for his roles in several movies. Although the roles weren’t big they turned attention onto him and he received new business offers because of them.

He starred in a movie named “Tawk” in 2014 and three years later he had roles in “Airplane Mode” and in “Get the Girl”. He loved acting and enjoyed being surronunded by all the studio action.

He had collaborations with a fellow Viner Brittany Furlan but the most successful one was called „Kids with the 64 pack…“

Jerry always had a different sense of humour than others. For example, he decided to release his clothing line. Others designed T-shirts and hoodies but Jerry designed socks with watermelons.

He released a single “No L’s” in April 2016 and it became a huge hit. It has 5,6 millions of views.

He has 3,2 millions of followers on Instagram. It is a huge following and many people think he is not aware of that and therefore he still tends to talk stupid things sometimes.

Personal life

He lives in Los Angeles where he moved from Boston and he says that he loves the city very much.

He has a lot of friends but he mostly hangs out with Max JR, Dan Nampaikid and Curtis Lepore.

It is known that he was in a relationship with a beautiful girl named Rebecca, who was from Canada, because of the photos of two of them that he posted on his Instagram.

Currently is single but has occasional flings while going out. It is not too hard for him to find a girl since he is known and he shares autographs when he is outside.

However, he claims that since he got famous, it is tough to approach a girl because people either don’t take him seriously, or start screaming blue murder.

Jerry loves animals, especially dogs so he has a dog named Ava. He has a lot of photos of her over his social media accounts. He says that his dog is very important to him because it is his friend.

Quick summary

Full name: Jerry (surname unknown)

Date of birth: November 9, 1998

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Age: 20

Profession: producer, actor, rapper, comedian, content creator

Height: 1,75 m

Weight: 75 kgs

Net Worth: $3 million