Jekalyn Carr Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Jakelyn Carr is one of the most popular young  gospel singer and songwriter in United States.

She is also a preacher now and has a huge number of followers. She is known for her dazzling voice and her smiling attitude. 

Early life:

This amazing gospel singer was born as Jekalyn Almonique Carr on April 22, 1997 in West Memphis in Arkansas, United States.

She is a daughter of Jennifer Denise Carr and her father is Allen Lindsey Carr. They are both very religious and live their life accordingly. Her parents live in a peaceful and happy marriage. They are happy with their children and their devotion to God.

She has two siblings: a brother Allen Lindsey Carr Jr. (named after his father), and a sister named Allundria.

Allundria is her best friend and is very supportive to her sister. They are very close and share everything together. She trained herself listening to other singers and showed that she has an impecable ear.

Her first singing experience was in the church since her parents were very religious and were often there. She soon became the lead vocal in the town church and her parents were astonished by her heavenly voice.

Jekallyn loved gospel music and she found it soothing. She was happy that she could reach the hearts of believers and make them feel heavenly.

Since she had a lot of singing classes, practise and concerts she couldn’t continue going to regular school because she had missed too much classes.

She was homeschooled from her 4th grade in order to manage travelling, preaching events and other.

She was dedicated to her work and gave 100% into it and it soon gave her back the same: she has the fastest growing ministry in the country.

She was only 12 years old when she began travelling to other communities where people were thrilled for an opportunity to hear her sing.

She found her career in motivational speaking and as an evangelist with an angel voice.

Career development:

Her first big performance was in 2006 when she sang gospel alongside famous Shirley Caesar and Marvin Sapp.

In 2010, after serious work in the studio,   she has released her first EP named “God has a Promise Over Your Life”.

Two years later, in 2012, she released her big hit single titled ” Greater is coming”.

This was the leading single on her album named the same as this single and it was praised by everyone who heard it.

This song reached No.3 on Billboard Gospel Chart and was considered as one of the most beautiful songs of the decade.

Her album “Greater is coming” was published by Lunjeal Music Group and reached No.9 on the Gospel Album chart.

Motivated by this success she has released a new album in 2014, titled “It’s Gonna Happen”.

She has won the Stellar award as one of the youngest winners: she was  only sixteen when she recieved this Stellar Gospel Music Award which is given out over thirty years.

Oprah Winfrey Network was amazed by this young girl so she gave her a role on her Greenlaf TV series.

In 2016 she has released “Your Bigger”, the lead single of her new album “The Life Project”. The album came out the same year.

Most of her songs are written together with her father Allen who was always a deeply religious man who saw that his daughter has a deep connection with God so he nourished it to make the bond stronger and Jekalyn more aware of it.

She is very close to her mother too and they are very alike. Jekalyn looks like a younger version of her mother.

He stated that it took her three years to write the book because she didn’t want to write it in a hurry, impatient because it is not a good and proper way to do what God intended for you.

“It’s Yours!” is her new single released in 2018. It is from her latest album “One Nation Under God” released in 2018.

Her songs “Bigger” and “It’s Gonna Happen” were both nominated for a Grammy Award. She also received Billboard Music Award and GMA Dove Award nominations for her album “Life Project”.

She has published a book called “You Will Win” which came to New York list of Bestsellers. The full name of the book is “You Will Win: Inspirational Strategies to Help You Overcome” and it was released at the beginning of 2018.

The book speaks about the 14 principles she thinks are the most important to follow and to apply during life.

She says that love, faith and patience are the most important ones and if everyone would take them more seriously life could be more beautiful.

Jakelyn is also going to become an actress for the very first time, in a film named “I Never Heard My Father Speak”, together with a known actress Robin Givens and a singer named Kandi Burruss.

Her last single was released in 2018, titled “It’s Yours”. It soon became a hit, entering the top 3 on every gospel songs chart in the country.

Personal life:

Jekalyn lives her life as a preacher who has an open ministry, providing God’s word to her flock through her divine voice.

Her biggest role model is Kim Burell, a known Texas gospel singer. Besides her, she respects Shirley Caesar, Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Donald Lawrence.

She often sings with her siblings and tries to transferr her faith and wisdom to them.

“I belong to You” was made with her brother Allan and “Lord I Love You” with Allundria, her sister.

She loves to relax and enjoy things other women do: she goes to the spa, goes with her family to the movies, and she especially likes getting her hair and nails done.

It is not known whether she has a boyfriend but she stated in an interview that she is ready to start her own family and have children by God’s will.

Quick summary

Full name: Jekalyn Almonique Carr

Date of birth: April 22, 1997

Birthplace: West Memphis, Arkansas

Age: 21

Profession: songwriter, gospel singer and evangelist, inspirational speaker, actress, entrpreneur, fashion designer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $800,00