Jaclyn Hill Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Jaclyn Hill is a widely known YouTube star and a beauty guru from the United States that has a huge fanbase that follow her tutorials religiously.

She is amongst most richest and most respectable female Youtubers ever, especially after her collaboration with Kim Kardashian which gave her great popularity.

Early years

Jaclyn was born on July 20th 1990 in Mineral, Illinois, United States by the name Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers and spent most all of her early childhood in that place.

She has German and French roots but loves to be an Amerixan citizen. She loves that everything happens in the United States and she can be there for all of her events without constantly travelling.

Jaclyn spend her early years on the family farm. That farm was in her family for more than 4 generation but the family decided that they should move out because of Jaclyn father’s missionary work.

Jaclyn has two siblings, both older than her, a sister called Rachel and a brother called Nicholas. They grew up together with their parents James and Robin.

Jacyln’s father James is an extremely religious person and wanted to be an evangelist so in 1998 he took his kids and his wife to Florida. They settled in a town called Tampa where he hoped he could do important work as a preacher.

Before he became a preacher, he was seeiously injured. Both of his legs were wounded and therefore he wasn’t able to work on a farm anymore. This impacted the whole family and made them move out of their farm.

Her father was convinced that it was a divine force that turned him to relocate from the farm to start preaching somewhere else.

Jaclyn’s father felt like he was called by God to start working as a missionary so he decided to take his family with him to travel to different contires.

Some of them were India and Honduras where they were preaching Christianity and helped the ones in need.

As a teenager, Jaclyn was doing cheerleading and was very good at it and after some time she was coaching Wildcats, a cheerleader group due to her great coreography skills.

While she was cheerleading, she wore braces for a year which was a bit hard for her because it made her even more self-conscious, but she said that it was worth it because she has beautiful teeth now.

Jayclyn was always homeschooled because she was living at a farm and later travelled all around the globe. It would be difficult for her to attend class at the same school.

She was an extremely clever kid, she quickly learned everything she was given and had a great capacity for learning. She received a diploma and after decided to enroll a college in Sarastona, Florida to study Photography.

Jaclyn was working as a freelancer in a Mac Cosmetics store so she could afford going to college. It was a great way for her to raise her skills to a whole new higher level of expertise in doing make-up.

She was working there as one of their most wanted makeup artists and received enough money to be able to buy herself what she pleased.

Career development

She decided to open her YouTube channel called Jaclynhill1 back in 2011. She soon gained attention because of her fun way of giving tips and explaining the products she uses which made her videos really original and unique.

It is one of the Jaclyn’s most viewed videos and has 10 million views. Her most viewed video is titled “Smokey Cat Eye Tutorial” and was uploaded in August 2012 and it brought her a lot of money and a lot of new endorsement deals.

She has almost 6 million followers on her YouTube channel (5,7 million to be precise) and earns a lot just with her YouTube channel. She gets even more income from brand edorsements and collaborations.

In 2015 Jaclyn worked with a makeup brand called “Becca”. He decided to do so although the bran wasn’t really popular back then.

She was advertising their highlighter called “Champagne Pop“. When the highlighter was released in Sephora it was sold in more than 20,000 pieces which was a record back in 2015.

After this success, Becca offered Hill to collaborate on a makeup set and they did so and it was again extremely succesfull and both sides made good money from it.

Jaclyn was the one who discovered this amazing brand called „Becca“ that was later in 2017 bought by a huge worldwide known brand Estée Lauder. This brand has products of high performance so their products aren’t really cheap.

The same year that she was collaborating with Becca, Jaclyn started working with Morphe, too. The line they created together was released by the name of “Jaclyn Hill x Morphe”. She collaborated with them (Morphe) again in 2016 and in 2017.

In 2017 she released a huge eyeshadow palette with 35 individual shades. This palette became a huge hit and a lot of beauty bloggers and gurus swear by it.

In 2018, she did another collaboration with Morphe. She made a „Jaclyn Hill x Morphe vault collection“ that consists of 4 eyeshadow palletes with 10 eyeshadows each.

She also made a huge collaboration the same year with them in which she made „Morphe x Jaclyn Hill the master collection“. Morphe was very satisfied with this collaboration and was set for a new one soon.

She made 3 sets: Eye Master Collection with 8 brushes for $42, the Face Master Collection with 5 brushes for $56 and the Master Collection with 24 brushes for $165. It is a great deal for her followers because when they buy those brushes individually, the prices are much higher. They can also try out all of her favourite ones she lieks to use in her tutorials.

Jaclyn has an amazing connection with her fanbase. She is always honest with them because she thinks it is the foundation of good relations with her followers.

Jaclyn always emphasized that all Youtubers should be grateful for the attention they receive from their fans since it is what brings bread to their tables.

In one of her interviews she stated that she always makes lists of videos her subscribers request and start with that.

She says she makes it her priority to include all the video requests she receives from her fans. She believes its extremely important to produce content that people aked for and enjoy.

She also made a video where she answers 50 qustions she was asked by her fans on her socail media accounts so her fans can get to know her better.

She also had collabs with Sigma Beauty in 2013 where she made her brush set with 7 brushes she adores. This set sold out in first 2 days. She made a meet-and-greet with them too.

She also collaborated with Gerard Cosmetics and MakeupGeek line and these collabs were also very successful. Their line was sold out very soon.

In 2017 he published a video with a reality TV star Kim Kardashian who is world wide known and it was titled as “Get Ready with Me & Kim Kardashian”.

This gave her even more attention and was a great commercial for her since Kim Kardashian is a world known star.

Personal life

Jaclyn currently lives in Tampa in Florida where she moved with her family after they left their farm.

She is married to Jon Hill and they live together. They were married since 2009.

Jaclyn doesn’t really keep touch with her father James Eilers but she is in really good relation with her mother Robin Eilers and supports her and helps her live a comfortable life.

Jaclyn waams madly in love with her husband and they married when she was only 19 years old (in 2009).

Although there was a period in their lives that they lived very humble and couldn’t afford nothing but plain food, they have found comfort in one another which brought them even closer together.

Her husband Jon is a drummer in few bands and he also loves to teach kids how to play drumms.

They made few videos titled with “Husband does…” where he starrs Jon doing something makeup related.

Jon Hill, Jaclyn’s husband, anounced their separation in spring 2018. He stated that they decided to divorce.

Jon stated that they still love another but became strangers and grew differently through years.

Jaclyn also stated the same thing in her video but she started crying too because it was very painful for her.

They are both big dog lovers. They have two dogs Frankie and Georgie. They are both Shih Tzus and she adores them deeply. They sometimes appear in her videos and you can see they have a special connection.

Jaclyn loves to keep her body healthy and is a fan of fitness so she trains regularly in the gym every day although sometimes she has no will for it.

Jaclyn also like to take care of her diet so she is very careful with what she eats. She wants to have a healthy and balanced diet not only because of her health, but also for her skin so it can be clear and look healthy for applying her makeup and doing videos.

She emphasizes the importance of nutrition on having good skin and making it smoother and more clean.

She loves food but doesn’t like to cook at all. She never really had the time to learn how to do it. She stated that she thinks it takes a lot of time and also demands to clean after doing it which eat even more time.

She loves sugar and sweets. Jaclyn often talks about how hard it is to not eat sugar and sweets or junk food because she loves them all a lot but knows that her health is the most important thing.

Jaclyn has a beautiful smile and she stated few times that she is kinda obsessed with them and cleans them few times a day. She said that her braces helped her a lot.

Her parents divorced back in 2012 and Jaclyn hasn’t talked to her father since. Her parents are still angry at each other because they never solved their arguments. This was a hard time for her but with her friends and siblings she got throught it.

Hill is still in amazing relations with her siblings, brother Nicholas and sister Rachel, but is still mad because of the stress they endured as kids and by their strict and non loving father.

She doesn’t have any tatoos but she has pierced her ears more than 5 times and loves to wear earrings. Jaclyn often thinks about tattoing but changes her mind about it.

Jaclyn is a huge fan of an actor, Tom Hanks, and an actress, Julia Roberts and watched all of their movies. She is very romantic and that is why she especially loves the genres these actors play in.

She also adores the band Coldplay and often go to their concerts.

Not many of her fans know that make-up wasn’t her first love but that she wished to become a fashion designer first.

She attempted making her own clothes when she was young, by cutting it and sewing it differently.

After that she moved on to photography and making videos which turned up to be a great sloution because makeup and those two go hand in hand.

Jaclyn revealed that she was bullied all through her young childhood and teenage years. She was very insecure due to this.

She was also grounded a lot so she had found a way to keep herself busy by playing with make up in her room.

That is how she perfected her skills and learned all about make-up.

This bullying she described as very intensive still causes some panic attacks and various periods of depression since it left marks on her emotionally.

Quick summary

Full name: Jaclyn Roxanne Hill

Date of birth: July 20, 1990

Birthplace:  Mineral, Illinois, United States

Age: 29

Profession: makeup artist, YouTuber, social media influencer, entrepreneur

Height: 1,70 m

Weight: 61 kgs

Net Worth: $1, 7 million