Eben Pagan Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Eben Pagan is a pseudonym of a man really named David DeAngelo, who became known in the United States and wider as a businessman who gaines his income through selling products in relationship council and trainings in business growing and profit making.

Early years

Eben Pagan was born as David DeAngelo on December 5, 1971 in the part of New York named Brooklyn. Brooklyn is located in United States.

Eben Pagan’s childhood isn’t described much but it is known that he spent his early years in the rural parts of Oregon.

He never speaks about his parents so there aren’t any facts about them.

As soon as he could, when he reached his 20s, Eben decided to relocate to San Diego. 

Career development

He started his career as a real estate agent, but after years of standing in one place, he decided he wanted more out of life.

He started studying marketing and discovered his skills in interpersonal communication.

He started his own business, focusing on consulting real estate companies in the area of marketing.

He gained popularity after he published his book called “Double Your Dating” in 2001. This e-book is a guide for men who have trouble finding partners and who cannot date as much as they want to.

The book was a bestseller for a long period of time and Eben gained a lot of fans after he released the book.

The success of the book lied in the fact that Eben also had troubles in finding women to date and had no confidence.

He was eager to find the way to succeed in it, so he started searching for advices online.

There he found a group of men who had no problems in dating and who shared their tips with him. These tips were the basis of his book so it can be said that he succeeded with a little help from his friends. The book was released and sold out quickly.

Following the success of the book, Eben published CDs and DVDs on the same topic and started doing seminars on dating.

It brought him popularity and a huge amount of money which raised his confidence.

He became a member of “The Syndicate.” It is a known business focused group of people who sell products in different areas.

Most of the products are intended to help people get rich quickly and to successfully work from their own home. Some products are intended for “self help” purposes.

A lot of people don’t like members of “The Syndicate” because they are considered as sleezy blokes who sell fog and cheat people out of money.

Eben Pagan is one of rarely loved because he seems more humble and simpler than the other members of this group.

A lot of facts about Eben Pagan can be found in Michael Ellsberg’s book titled “The Education of Millionaires”. This author wanted to explain how Eben so quickly became a millionaire just by having great marketing skills and a likeable aura.

Eben also gives seminars and write DIY business guide books called “Wake Up Productive” or for example “Self-Made Wealth”.

His new e-book from 2018 is called “How to Create A Digital Information Product That Sells Itself” and it can be downloaded for free on his website named ebenpagantraining.com.

“Hot Topic Media” is also his company and through it he launches his amazing products: one of them is an online course which explains how to build your own business empire. These courses cost from $100 to $4,000 depending on what  you want to learn and how impressed you became by Eben.

Personal life

Eben is married to Annie Lalla, who calls herself a cartographer of love on her cheerful and colorful website.

She has an Honors Science Degree in Biology & Philosophy and she gained professional certifications in coaching and clinical hypnosis, all in order to help her clients to become more aware of theirselves and free of shame.

Many people thinks the two of them don’t have kids just because they are selfish and want to enjoy the quality life they have due to their growing business.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Eben Pagan (real name David DeAngelo)

Date of birth: December 5, 1971

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Age: 47

Profession: entrepreneur, author, businessman, speaker

Height: 1,78m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million