Dc Young Fly Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name, Girlfriend

Dc Young Fly is very popular American rapper, singer, actor and comedian. He became popular by posting videos on his Vine account and he also appeared on TV show named “Wild ‘N Out” which was broadcast on MTV.

His real name is John Whitfield and he spent his childhood with his two brothers mostly on the streets of Atlanta.

More about exciting life and career of this popular musician and actor you can read in the text below.

Early years

As we already said in the introduction the full and initial name of DC Young Fly is John Whitfield. He was born on May 2nd 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

He spent his childhood with his two brothers with whom he was very close. They grew up mostly on the streets of Atlanta in dangerous part in the west side of the city where the most of young people were into criminal. The name of this part was Adamsville.

Almost no one of the teenagers in their neighborhood didn’t have the plans to continue their education and to enrolled college.

Although DC Young and his brothers were rappers most of their buddies were stealing things and dealing drugs.

John attended at Benjamin E. Mays High School but he had a bad reputation while during his school days because he made a troubles.

DC Young was arrested for the first time when he was 18 years old.

Although it wasn’t expected DC Young enrolled the studies at Georgetown Southern University Armstrong Campus so this was surprising for people in his environment since he was declared as a troublemaker.

In 2011 his older brother was killed in a gang bang. After that tragic murder and he realized that he didn’t want to be killed because he was even four time stabbed during street fights. He decided to change his life totally and to calm down and find peaceful way of living.

Career development

John opened his own YouTube channel on which he started to post comic videos since his biggest passion and hobby was comedy.

In 2013 he opened a Vine account where he started to post his videos and for a short time he attracted the attention of the audience and he became known and popular. The application Vine appeared for the first time same year he opened his account on it so he used the potential of these social media in the right time.

He became recognizable by hashtags #hoodcomedy and #TeamIgnant. He created unique and original slogans such as “Bring dat ass hea boi”  and “Fawwwkumean” for the Vine videos in which he was roasting celebrities like LeBron James, Meek Mill, Drake, Kevin Hart who gave him support to his work.

He gained the fame after he appeared in popular TV show called “Wild ‘N Out” which host is  very popular Nick Cannon. DC Young even got award named “Rookie of the year” for playing a role in that TV show. He got the varsity  jacket of that show and that was big success for him in that time because he realized that he effort paid off and that he became famous.

He is host of podcast under name “85 South Show” along with his fellow and Karlous Miller.

In 2016 he played a role in the movie for the first time along with well known Hollywood actors Omar Epps and Danny Glover. The genre of that movie under name „Almost Christmas” is drama comedy and it was directed by David E. Talbert. In that film it is showed a story of family members who succeed to get back together after their dysfunctional family relations.

He played a main character in a comedy named “#digitallivesmatter”.

He also played a role in a comedy titled “My Cousin’s Ghetto Wedding”.

In 2017 it was released a movie about life and career development of DC Young under name “D.C. Young Fly: Legend in the Making”. The genre of this movie is also comedy and it is directed by Joe Newman.

DC also acting in comedy series named “Total Request Live” which was released recently.

Besides these roles he played in movies “How High 2” and “I Got the Hook Up 2”.

DC Young collaborated with a lot of famous stars like  B.O.B. and Mike Will Made.

He also was acting at the opening of Bobby Brown’s tour.

He also associated with popular comedian Kewin Hart on very unusual way. Actually, DC Young roasted Kewin is his comedian video so Kewin reacted and showed his anger on roasting by quickly answering on video. Their arguing were comic and funny to audience so DC reached more fans after that.

He released his mixtape called “Supplyin’ Pressure” on the website LiveMixtapes.com. Many popular rappers gave him support as music performers on his tape.

The manager of DC Young was well known Anwar Patterson who works for “Archive Entertainment” which is one of the most important management companies in Atlanta. His engagement in this company brought him more opportunities in his music career.

After that he began negotiations with CM Partners and that company offered him better conditions in contract and he decided to start collaboration with them in 2016. CM Partners is influential and bigger than “Archive Entertainment” company and it is stationed in Los Angeles.

DC Young has his own website where he presents the dates and places of  his music tour 2019. He also has online shop with his own merchandise on his website where people can buy T-shirts with interesting print.

Personal life

DC Young is in relationship with Ms. Jacky Oh or simple Jacky Oh who is model and actress. They met for the first time on the set of  TV show “Wild ‘N Out” where they were acting together.

Jacky also launched her own make up and cosmetic brand. She is from Oakland.

This couple dating for some time and then they became parents. On October 29th 2016 it was born their daughter to who they gave name Nova. They still live in extra-marital community although their fans are curious will they get married soon.

DC Young often posts on his Instagram account photos with his wife and daughter so he like to expose moments from his private life in public. They currently live in Los Angeles because of their jobs.

John has a tattoos on his shoulders and it’s are tattooed names of his wife and daughter.

John was very close to his older brother named Richie who was rapper known under stage name Da Crew. Richie was also member of street gang. Unfortunately, he was killed in gang bang in 2011. DC has a tattoo on his forehead in a memory to his brother. Tattoo contains initials  D.C. which represent the stage name Da Crew.

DC was really attached to his mother to whom he was very thankful to all she has done for him. He once showed her how grateful he is by buying her a car and a house. He even posted a video about that on his own YouTube channel in which he surprised his mother by gifting her a house and a Mercedez Benz. Unfortunately, his mother recently died and DC Young was very sad. Her death has shaken him a lot and it was very stressful period for him.

DC Young also was a main participant of an public affair and scandal. All happened in 2016 when a woman under name Maya Lundy accused him through social media that he is father of her son and that he avoid to pay a maintenance for bringing up his baby boy.

She claimed that she done DNA test to determine paternity and that the results was positive. According to her words, although she gave him DNA results he didn’t want to respond her and to accept his duties and responsibilities and he even changed his phone number.

In aim to prove her claims she posted a photo of baby boy on social networks so people can see the resemblance between DC Young and his alleged son.

DC Young didn’t have any special reactions on her attack and he just said that she is gold digger.

DC Young drives a Mercedez and he said that don’t want to change it ever so that’s his favorite car.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated in total about $200.000

Quick summary

Full name: John Whitfield

Nickaname (artist name): Dc Young Fly

Date of birth: May 2nd 1992

Age:  27

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Profession/Occupation: rapper, singer, comedian, actor

Net worth and salary: about $200.000

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Marital status: in a relationship with model and actress named Jacky Oh

Children: daughter Nova Whitfield with his girlfriend Jacky

Residence: Los Angeles, United States

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Origin: Unknown

Ethnicity: African American

Social media accounts and web site:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dcyoungfly/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/DcYoungFly1

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/dcyoungfly

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DcYoungFly

Offical web site: https://dcyoungflyofficial.com/