Caroline Wozniacki Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Caroline Wozniacki is an eminent Danish tennis player who had formerly hold the position of No.1 in WTA. She is known to people for holding the position for almost 67 weeks. Again in the year 2017, she was ranked in the no. 3 position.

Wozniacki has gone for winning several prestigious titles and has given awarded for the 27 WTA Singles. But in spite of winning several titles, she is considered as the most underrated tennis player. She shares a humble relation with Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

She has earned a lot of money by participating in several champion and events. She was put in the position 6th and was listed among the top successful tennis players who have earned a huge amount of money.

Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $ 27 million dollars. But net worth evaluators consider her net income to be much more than declared.

Early Life

Caroline Wozniacki was bornon11th July 1990 in Miami, Florida Odense, Denmark. Caroline is the daughter of a Polish origin immigrants Anna Wozniackia and father Piotr Wozniacki. Her mother was an excellent volleyball player.

She participated in the national team and won the championship. Her father was involved in playing football. When Caroline’s father Piotr signed in the year 1909 Boldklubben, the famous Danish football Club, the couple moved away to Denmark. Caroline was brought up along with her elder brother named Patrik Wozniacki.

He is presently also a football player in playing for IF Skjold Birkerod for Denmark.

There is no such information available about Caroline’s academic qualification. She is perhaps the first woman of the Scandinavian nation who had been positioned within the topmost ranking and has a stable performance record. Only this much is known that she has grown up in Denmark and this had made her get her academic foundation from Denmark.


Caroline is known to be a prominent tennis player who has participated in various matches and championships. She has been declared the winner in most of them. Till date, she is the highest paid athlete because of her unique tennis playing techniques and styles.

The tennis player main income is raised from tennis tournaments and her playing style includes some of her unique defensive features like swiftness, quick attempts, excellent footwork and a marvelous speed work. Her two-handed and able backhand skill is exclusively brilliant and is considered to be one of the fabulous styles of the tennis player.

She is known to her fans for accomplishing the game along spinning defensive skills leading to offense. She is often seen playing tennis with the techniques of backhand down-the-line. She is known to her colleagues as counter-puncher because of her technical style of a defensive player.

On starting from the debut championship in the mid of 2005, she went on developing her playing skills day after day. She was positioned in the top cadre in the year 2010. She has been bestowed the titled of 25 WTA singles that consist of six titles in total.

She also went for being a part of the WTA player and participated in the WTA Tour Championship that was organized at Doha. Caroline was awarded the title in the year 2006, Wimbledon Girl’s Singles and went for achieving WTA titles in the category of double. She is also an achiever of two prominent WTA titles that adds prominently to her fame and popularity.

In the year, 2011 she was actually hailed by the organization SportsPro as the most stable and athlete. Forbes has enlisted her as the second highest earning athletes in a group of female tennis players.  Caroline is an ardent lover of soccer and handball. She loves to play the piano. It has been gathered from her interview that swimming is her passion.

She is a 20 times winner of the WTA Single titles in the year 2008. In the year 2008, she won 3 WTA singles in the year 2011. In the singles of 2006, Kim Clijsters that was during the WTA Tour and the honorable US Open in the year 2009.

Wozniacki went for endorsements like USANA, Babolat, Mundipharma and the Player’s Tribune. She has also for endorsements in the business class Airlines named Turkish Airlines. She has got ample chance to portray herself in the swimsuit edition of a reputable magazine.

In the year 2017, she won a reputable chain of a restaurant named “The Fat Wozniacki Burger” in the city of Copenhagen and the popular football team named “The Odense Angles”.

She is proud to organize her own vodka brand named “Pure Vodka” and is wonderfully managing the taste and preferences. She is into dealing with some of the top scented perfumes with the brand name “With Love from Caroline”. She has worked with some of the top models like Anna Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova.

She has co-associated with Rafael Nadal and Steffi Graf. She has earned a lot of finance by appearing in the advertisements and serving as a brand ambassador. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that this beautiful star player is a perfect example of the fusion of tennis and modeling.

Personal Life

Caroline is quite fluent in Polish, Danish as well as English. She is also well equipped with the other games like handball and a member of the soccer club.  She is an ardent fan of the Premier League team of Liverpool.

Her personal life is little intriguing when compared to the other tennis players. Previously she was in a relationship with Rory Macllory who is an Irish golfer. They were happy to go on with a stable relationship but suddenly after 4 long years, the couple moved apart to announce their engagement finally on the social networking site Twitter on the date of 1st January. Though her finance was not ready to get married he decided to get united soon in the sacred bond of marriage.

Presently, the couple is happily married to each other and prospering with their career individually. She has been quite successful throughout his life and this has made the couple gather enough net worth. They are living together in their magnificent mansion and trying to prosper more vigorously with their aims and achievements.

Caroline possesses a beautiful and magnificent Monte Carlo, Monaco Villa that almost worth’s around $ 10 million dollars. She has a fascination towards swimming pool so she has made arrangements of that inside her million dollars villa.  In 2009, Caroline went for signing as an endorser for working with tennis sports brands like Adidas that was designed by Stella McCartney.

The year 2009, Wozniacki signed with some of the eminent companies and went into an agreement with some sponsorship deals with the companies like Danske, Proactiv, Sony Ericsson, Rolex, Babolat, and e-Boks.

In the year 2010, he went for contracting with Turkish Airlines for a long time of three years.  She also remained a strong supporter of the group Compeed Blister Patch. She has been going on with her endorsements quite well and would surely proceed with further contracts in days ahead.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Caroline Wozniacki

Date of Birth: 11th July 1990

Birth Place: Miami, Florida Odense, Denmark

Age: 28 Years Old

Profession: Tennis Player

Height: 1.77 m. (5ft 10 inches)

Weight: 58 kg

Net Worth: $27 Million