Andy Frisella Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Today we will be talking about Andy Frisella, who is a famous entrepreneur and influencer. He is one of the most successful people in marketing because he created his own brand. People love him because he is their real friend and his theories are always true and full of sense.

If you read our article about Andy Frisella, you will get to know what he was doing in his early years and what actually his profession is.

We will talk about his career, but also about his personal life and family. You will get to know the most important things from the biography of this famous entrepreneur who is one of the most famous media personalities not only in the U.S., but also all around the world.

So, let’s start with our story and see something about the Andy Frisella’s early years and his development from a mistreated and shy boy to a successful and self-confident man.

Early Years

The first thing we have to say is that there is not much information about the early years of Andy Frisella. The only thing we know is that he was born in the United States, but the place where he was born is not known.

Another thing that we know about Andy Frisella is that he was fat in his childhood and other children usually made him feel less worthy. Also, teachers thought that other children were better than Andy Frisella in every sense.

As you can see, Andy Frisella was mistreated in early years of his life. However, the father of Andy Frisella was the only who supported him and who was ready to fight against other people in order to protect his son. There is no doubt that the childhood of Andy Frisella was very difficult.

However, when Andy Frisella was in a high school, he lost a lot of weight and his body totally changed. He started not only with lifting, but he also changed his diet. He became strong in a physical sense and also very self-confident.

From that period on Andy Frisella was satisfied with his physical appearance and it gave him the motivation to make success in his life. He started to believe in himself and he realized that limits don’t exist if someone is strong and self-confident.

Now after seeing the way that Andy Frisella lived in his early years, it is time to see what he is doing in his life and how he became successful in his career.


When it comes to the career of this famous influencer, it is important to know that he was only 19 years old at the moment when he got into a possession of his first supplement store. He used his last cash to open this store which was not big, but it represents the beginning of his career as a promoter.

However, the supplements in his first store were robbed, which made Andy Frisella very disappointed, but he didn’t give up from his dreams.

Today he has a couple of supplement stores that attract a great number of people every day.

When Andy Frisella opened his first supplement store, he decided to help other people make great results with their trainings. He wanted to have an influence on other people and to motivate them to succeed.

At that time Andy Frisella opened his first podcast as well and it was called the MFCEO Project. It is important to say that millions of listeners are coming on that podcast each month, which makes him one of the most famous influencers and entrepreneurs in the whole world. There is no doubt that Andy Frisella is very successful in that what he is doing in his career.

Apart from his supplement business, Andy Frisella is the founder of some other businesses as well, so we have to mention the Alpina Sport Products, as well as the Paradise Distribution. Of course, there is the Carbon Fire Nutrition, etc.

In order to understand the success that Andy Frisella has in his life, it is important to make a comparison between the money that he has earned at the beginning of his career and the money that he is earning right now. He usually says that he was earning only 7 dollars a day at the beginning, while now he is earning more than 100 million dollars every year!

Apart from the supplement stores that brought great wealth to Andy Frisella, he also decided to write a couple of books about his life, especially about his difficult childhood.

Actually, those books are for kids in order to motivate them to realize their dreams. In his books children and young people can see how to believe in themselves and how to make great careers. There are no limits in this world and if you believe in yourself, you can do whatever you want. The books that Andy Frisella has written are Charles the bulldog’s Fantastic Fruit Stand and Otis, Charley: Play to win and many others.

Andy Frisella explains on his podcast and also in his books that success doesn’t come over one night. People need time to become successful and to make their dreams come true. It is important to keep pushing forward even in difficult situations and to believe in yourself and your own abilities. This is the key of any success you can make in your life.

Another thing that is very important for making success is building a healthy and honest community with other people. That’s what Andy Frisella says, so he is trying to have the true friendships with his clients and with all other people who are buying his products. He is always trying to help them and to give them good advice.

Another thing that Andy Frisella says is that being an entrepreneur means that you need to be a friend of people who are listening to you and who want to buy your products. You need to earn their hearts and you should not think about the money that you will earn this way.

There is another interesting thing that Andy Frisella says about himself and his career. Actually, he says that he is not only chasing his own goals, but he is trying to murder them. This is a very important thing and you should also have it on your mind if you want to make great career.

Personal Life

If we talk about the personal life of Andy Frisella, we need to say that he is married and his wife’s name is Emily Frisella. Of course, she supports him in everything he is doing and she also helps him in his businesses.

Most important is to know that Andy Frisella’s wife was with him also at the time when he was not rich and successful. It is also interesting to say that there are Q&A videos on YouTube that Andy Frisella and his wife are making together.

It is important to say that a big support of Andy Frisella is also his father.

We have already told you that his father was the only who supported him in his childhood and who gave him motivation to move forward. In order to make success, it is not enough to be smart, but you need to have big motivation as well.


Full name: Andy Frisella

Nickname: Andy

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Birth-sign: Unknown

Birth place: The United States (place unknown)

Residence: The United States

Education: Unknown

Occupation: Entrepreneur, influencer, writer

Books: Charley the Bulldog’s Fantastic Fruit Stand (2016)

Otis and Charley Play to Win! (2017)

Charley the Bulldog’s Daring Dreams (2018)

           Otis the Bulldog’s Very Big Excuses (2019)

Otis and Charley Finish First! (2019)

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Marital status: Married

Wife’s name: Emily Frisella

Children: /

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Hair Color: dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Distinctive Features: He has a beard and moustache.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: Unknown

Even though the net worth of Andy Frisella is not known, it is known that he is earning about 100 million dollars every year, which is telling us that he is a millionaire. Andy Frisella is one of the richest people in his profession, but many times he is not aware of that fact. He usually says for himself that sometimes he cannot believe that he is actually a millionaire.

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Quick Summary

Andy Frisella is one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the world. He comes from the United States, but there is not much information about his origin. His age is also unknown to us, but his fans suppose that he is between 35 and 40 years old.

The childhood of Andy Frisella was not easy and he was usually mistreated because of his overweight. Later he started with lifting and he changed his body.

Today he is a good-looking, self-confident and successful person. He owns a couple of supplement stores and he has his own podcast and YouTube channel. He is promoting his theories and experiences on Internet and he is very popular, especially among young people who want to get more self-confidence and to make success. Also, Andy Frisella has written a couple of books for children.

He has enormous support from his father, as well as from his wife, Emily Frisella. Today Andy Frisella is a millionaire, even though his net worth is not known.

However, there is no doubt that he is one of the wealthiest people in his job and he has a lot of fans. People are listening to what he is saying to them and they buy his products. Most important is that Andy Frisella earned the hearts of his fans and there is a real friendship between them.