Adi Ezra Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Adri Ezra is a known Israeli businessman, who is known for his family giant food corporation called “Neto”. He is known for his business skills but also for his marriage with a beautiful supermodel called Bar Refaeli.

Early life:

Adi was born on January 19, 1975 in Tel Aviv, an important Israelian city.

From his early age he was surrounded by an impressive wealth and good living. He never had to work too hard to get what he wanted since his family was rich and he was being spoiled.

His family is on the head of Neto Group which is in the family since 40s. It is a business that ended up being way more successful than they thought it would be. It is involved in food producing and is one of the biggest companies in Israel.

He gained his bachelor’s degree at a known private nonsectanian college in Israel called “Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya”. He has a degree in business administration because he was intentionally sent there so he can join the family business.

Career development:

The family company was founded by Dudi Ezra, Adi’s grandfather and a role model. Dudu gave jobs to all the members of the family, and Adi’s mum Meir still works there. It is known that Adi will inherit the family’s fortune and business after his father retires.

He became the Chariman of the Board of NetoTrading Ltd and Neto Holdings Ltd Companies and he runs them with firm hand. He proved himself as a good businessman and a great CEO.

His annual sallary is in millions of dollars but he does not want to share the value with anyone. Since his net worth came to $8 million so we presume his month sallary is in thousands of dollars.

Personal life:

He became more publicly known after he started dating a known Israelian supermodel Bar Rafaeli. She is a world known model, actress and a businesswoman whose net worth goes up to $2 million. She has been modelling since she was 11 and one of her most known covers was on “Sports Illustrated”.

She was a host on “X-Factor” in Israel and people love her since she is very likeable and has very nice looks.

They started dating in 2012, after they were introduced to each other by friends. They got married in September 2015 in a traditional Jewish ceremony. It took place in Haifa in Israel. Their wedding pictures ended up on the cover of the “Hello” magazine and they have been sold like crazy.

They walked down the aisle with a traditional song called “The Beginning of the World” and later ended the ceremony with “Marry Me”, a song by Bruno Mars.

One year later Bar gave birth to their first child: a daughter named Liv Ezra in 2016. A year later she gave birth to another daughter: Elle.

They keep their family life private and there aren’t many pictures of their kids in the media, but you can tell that Adi was never happier and that his life became much better when his children came to the world.

In 2003, when she was only 18 years old, she was married to Arik Weinstein, but divorced him after one year. It is known that they were married just to avoid his obligation for two years of military serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

Before she got married to Adi, Bar was in a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, a known Hollywood actor and a star. They were together for five years. Since they broke up DiCaprio only dated beautiful woman and models such as she was.

She had a brief romance with an Olympic medalist Shaun White. He is a popular snowboarder and won two medals at the Olympic Games.

Adi often points out how he is happy in marriage because she isn’t a diva at home, but a normal mum without heels and make-up, sharing precious moments with children. But when she dresses up for some event she is always the most beautiful woman in the room.

Bar says that she never did catwalk because she is not skinny enough and that she is too sexy for a runway.

Quick summary

Full name: Adi Ezra

Date of birth: January 19, 1975

Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel

Age: 43

Profession: businessman, CEO

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $8 million